Home Care Services

Here at Autumn Years Care we provide Care and Support ranging from Companionship through to End of Life Care. Below is just a few of the services we provide. If you are looking for some assistant to stay living independently at home, please give us a call and we can discuss what you are looking for further on 01844 447026

Personal Care

Sometimes during our lives we may need help and support with personal care such as showering/bathing/washing, toileting, catheter/stoma care etc.  Whether this help and support is needed due to converlesance, ill health or frailty.  Whatever the reason, we are here to help. 

We understand you may feel embarrassed, weak, insecure when you need help with your personal care and that’s why we provide a small team of carers to meet your personal care needs; carers that ensure they maintain and uphold your dignity, self-respect and support and encourage you with your independence in an empathetic, respectful way.


Our carers will ensure that you have a daily hot meal, whether that is cooked from fresh or cooked in the microwave.  We will either prepare, cook and serve meals for you or assist and support you in making your own meals – the choice is always yours.  We assist you with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, as well as ensuring you are drinking enough during the day.

Assistance with Medication

Our carers are fully trained to prompt and assist with medication as well as recording when medication has been taken.

End of Life Care

We are passionate about our clients’ wishes, likes and dislikes and understand that everyone is an individual.  Some people wish to spend the end of their life in their own home, a place where they feel most comfortable, relaxed and secure in a place where happy memories have been made. 

We work extremely hard to ensure that if a person wishes to spend their last months, weeks or days in their own home, they are able to, by providing the support and assistance that person might need.  We work closely with family and loved ones, together with other professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Occupational Therapists etc to carry out the wishes of our clients at the end of their lives, so dignity and feelings of self-worth are respected and upheld in a loving environment.

Light Housework, Laundry Management

We can assist with light housework such as hoovering, dusting and tidying away.  We can also assist with managing your laundry.


It’s always nice to have a chat or just a friendly listening ear.  We can pop in for a chat and a cuppa, keep you company whilst shopping, going to clubs and events or Hospital/Doctor appointments.


Generally, when talking about care and support, an area often over-looked is well-being.  As humans we have a built-in need to feel wanted, needed, useful and worthy.  However, quite often as we get older, frailer or are suffering from ill health, we tend to become isolated and lonely.  Research has proven that poor well-being in a person can lead to depression, poor diet and lifestyle and can even affect our health.

At Autumn Years Care, we take a client’s well-being very seriously.  Whilst helping and supporting our clients, our carers build on our clients’ well-being by interacting, listening and really getting to know our clients, their likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies.  Small things such as wearing perfume, painting someone’s nails, taking an interest in a person’s hobby, a carer learning a new skill by a client teaching them etc, all add to a person’s well-being and feelings of self-worth and empowerment. 

Hospital Discharge

Whether you need long term support after a stay in hospital or simply short term assistance until you are fully healed, we are able to provide this. Having a care package in place can help speed up the process of obtaining a Hospital Discharge. We will make sure everything is ready so that the day you are discharged your care package can commence. We will work closely with whichever Hospital you might be in, in order to make the process as smooth as possible for you.