The Autumn Years Care Story

As the saying goes “A rose by any other name would still smell just as sweet”, however when it comes to Home Care Providers this saying simply isn’t true. Just like people, no two Home Care Providers are the same. Here at Autumn Years Care we pride ourselves on offering what we think is the best Home Care in the area. Always happy to go that extra mile, so that you can get the Care and Support you need.

Every company has its story, its reason behind why it first started and here is ours.

Christina Walford became passionate about providing Care to people having been the main Carer for her elderly Mother. She found the experience both rewarding and humbling in equal measure and made a decision that she would change careers and move into the Care industry so that she could help others in their time of need too.

Having started working for a local Home Care Provider Christina quickly became disillusioned at what she saw. During this period she felt the Care offered by the company she worked for just wasn`t up to standard, nor was the way in which the company treated its employees.

Christina, driven by her desire to provide the very best Care possible, by employees who were both happy and treated well decided to create Autumn Years Care.

To this day the company has kept its core principles at the heart of everything it does, always staying focused on providing excellent Home Care, by happy Carers. Always striving to be better and never accepting the norm.

Today Autumn Years Care continues to provide great Home Care, winning many Awards along the way.

This is our story, this is why we do what we do. We would love to hear your unique life story, so if you are looking for Home Care, we would love to become a part of this chapter in your story, to help, to listen and to smile with you.